Allow us to help with all your earth-working needs.  We excavate spaces of all sizes.

Allow us to excavate earth that needs repositioning.  Coastal Inc. can help you do a lot more than just make your grounds look beautiful;  Sometimes a more drastic approach is needed. Have you considered being able to hire the same company to excavate your foundation hole as well as restore your landscape after building is done?

Spring rains often remind us of drainage problems that we’ve kept putting off.  Coastal Inc. can redirect your gutter downspouts underground, install under-drainage for lawn areas, and sculpt land to prevent water problems from ever existing in the first place.  We understand the importance of managing water and creating usable areas on your property.

New home construction or established property renovations, the size range of our machinery lets us excavate in the tightest quarters or grade and shape large areas.  We can help relocate your driveway offering you the privacy you’ve always wanted, construct sports arenas, and even help you recover land you’ve never been able to enjoy by cutting and filling low areas.  Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your land shaping projects.

excavate property