A well thought out design can enhance enjoyment of your property.

Coastal can provide you with the designing services to help create a unique landscape for any size property. The first step in the process is to discuss your property along with its existing features if it is not new construction. Through the question process our designer will be seeking to gain an understanding of your preferences in everything from plant material to colors, types of stone and desired use of the spaces around your house.

The next step requires Coastal’s designer to construct a drawing of the area that is desired to be landscaped. This landscape design will show lawn areas, patios, walkways, walls, beds and the specific plantings in each bed. This drawing is then reviewed with the Owner to see what additional revisions need to be made.

Feedback is important in this phase of the design process. Proposed spaces can be laid out in the lawn using marker paint and grades stakes if needed to help really visualize the landscape elements that are being suggested. The last step is for the revision to be completed and pricing to be put to the various pieces of the project.

A contract with a breakdown of the various pieces of the landscape project will be presented to the Owner and with a signed agreement Coastal is underway to help transform your property. Enjoying a landscape causes us to draw on the use of many of our senses.