Enjoying a landscape draws on all of our senses.

Beautiful landscapes are built from the ground up, requiring the ability to move and manipulate earth, plant and stone.  Let our fleet of machines and capable employees do all the lifting for you.  Coastal Inc. will enable you to enjoy watching your design move from paper to your property as we create expansive lawn areas or plant perennials along the edge of your patio.

Our network of relationships within the industry keeps us equipped to handle any task from craning large trees into difficult locations or finding that specimen selection that you’ve always wanted featured outside your window.  Landscape construction is a unique job as we build viable habitats and plant living organisms all to create what will culminate into your outdoor living space.

Machines are helpful, but in the end there is no other way to do landscape construction well than to get involved with the details of that project.  You need the right man on the ground as that tree is placed in its final location and planted.  Nothing equals the skill of a crewman gently tucking the soil in around a perennial.

We love getting our hands dirty while creating a beautiful landscape!