Are you thinking of making any resolutions this year?

Do any of your resolutions involving projects around your home, such as a new outdoor grill area, new wall, patio? Or plans for a better lawn, more productive landscape areas or perhaps a new outdoor fire place? Coastal is here to help you fulfill your landscaping goals.

Statistics show that 45% of people in the US make New Year’s resolutions, and 24% of them fail.

(Source: University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology)

Fortunately, they are usually promises you make to yourself, so you do not have to feel quite so bad when you break them.

When it comes to our home and outdoor living spaces, the choices we make can affect our desire to spend time outdoors, our overall health and wellness, as well our ability to spend time with people who are important to us.


It’s important to set attainable landscaping and home improvement goals. Below are some great tips and questions to ask yourself to help you make this year a successful year for your landscaping projects.


– Before heading out to your local garden center or New England Specialty Stone, take the time to develop a plan.

-Do your research and make sure that the products and/or plants that you may want will actually serve the purpose you want them too.

-Is the landscape and/or hardscape you have in mind able to withstand the weather conditions where you live?

-Does the area you want to plant in receive enough direct sunlight to keep the plant flourishing?

These are all important factors to consider before spending money in the store. Coastal has many years of experience working in this field- don’t hesitate to call us to help you make your landscape or hardscape decisions.


Coastal Landscape is Here to Help

Mistakes are common when dealing with landscaping and hardscape. That’s why it is important to hire a professional. Whether you need advice on plantings, lawn maintenance, or have visions of a new patio, or outdoor living area: Coastal can!

Cheers to an exciting new year!